About me

I’m a software developer, Treki, Minioni (ok, I made that word up, but I just love the minions!), wife, and passionate mother.

I was born and raised in Austria (and no, we don’t have Kangaroos! I didn’t misspell the country – I’m not from Australia! Otherwise, why the hell would my English be that bad?!?) and moved to Canada to get married to a Canadian after finishing university. Since my hubby doesn’t speak German (though he is finally learning a bit with our son) it wasn’t really an option that he would move to Austria.

I enjoy working (yeah, I’m one of those weird people), but since I have my little boy it’s a whole lot more complicated than it used to be. During the week, I work 4 hours from 7 to 11 am in the office while my hubby keeps our sweetheart busy and happy. Afterwards, I join the fun till about 5 – 10pm when my boy falls asleep (yeah, sadly, there are days where he just won’t sleep – but he has improved: Half a year ago, I would have written that he would fall asleep somewhere between 7 pm and 2 am). Then I put my laptop on the bed next to the little men and start working the rest of the 4 hours. And if I’m not too exhausted afterwards, I might read or do some other stuff for an hour or so. At least on weekend nights, I get to do whatever I want (hmm, correction: I get to lie in bed next to my sweetheart and get to do whatever I want on my laptop).

I am mainly MFC C++ developer, but I have also worked over 3 years in embedded systems with C and for about 2 years tutored students at university in assembly language and C. I have done a few small company-intern webpages but I still suck in web developing. I guess that’s why I enjoy developing websites nowadays since there is still so much to learn for me. I develop in PHP server side, but not because I think it’s the best (I’d love to learn Ruby one day), but simply because it’s very similar to the programming languages I already know (and since I still need to learn so much with respect to front end programming, I wanna go easy on the back-end for now).

If you’re interested in getting in contact with me, feel free to write me an email to alex (at) alexbelger.com.