Parenthood joys and sleep

My little one is currently in a phase again, where it takes him forever to fall asleep. It takes him around an hour in bed till he finally falls asleep. That by itself is already bad, but my problem in particular is that my body wants to go into sleep mode as soon as I lay down with him.

I need to lay next to him till he falls asleep, otherwise he won’t fall asleep at all. Normally, it only takes him about 20 minutes which is bearable. But an hour and more?

I’m one of those lucky persons that can fall asleep within minutes. I lie down, close my eyes, and shortly after I’m deep asleep. Without any doubt, I’m very happy about this, but when I have to lay down with my sweetheart, I need to stay up and work afterwards.

The last few weeks were hell on my body. I’m lying in bed waiting for my sweetheart to finally be quiet and fall asleep and my inner voice just screams: ‘Hey, you’re lying, why the hell aren’t you sleeping already? Stop fighting! Relax and sleep!’. But my little one doesn’t here my inner voice. He continues, ‘La, la, la, …, eye, eye (pointing at his or my eye), la, la, la, …’. I mean he is incredibly sweet and smiling all the time and it’s impossible to be mad, but at the same time it’s incredibly hard to not just get up again and let him fall asleep exhausted on the couch downstairs hours later.

As mother of a young one you don’t get much sleep in general and I’m not complaining. But why does it currently take him so long to relax? I have to admit, the last few weeks I definitely lost the fight against my inner ‘sleep’ voice a few times which means I fell asleep sometimes even before my little one. Hours later, I wake up fully dressed and wondering what’s going on.

Anyhow, I keep telling myself it’s just a phase and it’s going to be over soon. I just hope ‘soon’ comes sooner than later!

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