Parenthood joys and poop

Today, I did some tummy exercises on the floor and my sweetheart was playing with his blocks. While fully in my element, my little one decided to come closer and closer and suddenly I find my face buried in his bum. That by itself wouldn’t be such a big thing, but as it turned out, Wallace pooped shortly before and so I got to fully enjoy that delicate aroma. I guess he didn’t wanna be selfish. He must have figured that I was not feeling well, since after all, I was doing weird movements and my breathing didn’t sound too relaxed either, and therefore shared it with me. I guess poop is just one of many parenthood joys. If you smell it, you feel like running but you can’t, since the baby won’t change itself. If you don’t smell it for a few days, you start worrying. Either way, as parent of a little one, you’re doomed to the joys of poop!


That made me think of a discussion my husband I had just recently. Let’s face it, when you are a parent of a baby, you frequently smell its bum. You don’t want to, but you still do it. After all, you wanna make sure before changing the diaper again. If you think a bit about it, as soon as you become a mom/dad you turn into a dog (at least when it comes to sniffing butts).

Our little one can also be quite sneaky when he wants to. Sometimes, we can already smell it from a far distance and therefore hold our breathes as long as possible, pick him up, rush to the change room, undress him, and find … an empty diaper. Grrr. He farted again! But how can we be mad, since he smiles like crazy at us. As if to say, ‘Ha, ha, fooled you two again!’.

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