Being more active

Just a few years ago, I was a whole lot more active than now. I used to ride my bike 16 km to and back work for about 2 years no matter how the weather was (though I did regret being on the bicycle a few times, especially when it was -25 degrees or so and my tube needed replacing – so much fun!). When I switched work, I only had a few kilometers to commute anymore, so I started walking to and back instead. After my work moved to a more distant location, I started using the car, since I was pregnant with my little one at that time, and I just didn’t want to risk falling with my bike (and no matter what, falls do happen). Unfortunately, since I can’t say I did much sport since then (apart of running after my little one, carrying him around while doing other tasks, etc., which by itself can be quite physically challenging).

I like being active and I want to be a role model for my little sweetheart, therefore it’s time I started being more active again. Going jogging or cycling is currently no option though (it’s too cold outside for W and he also dislikes being in the stroller).

My long time goal is to do an iron man one day. Therefore, apart from cycling and running, swimming exercise is obviously important. I was thinking of starting to go to a public swimming pool at least once a week with my little one. But first, I wouldn’t really get to swim at all, since who’d look after W in the meantime and furthermore, I just don’t have the money to spend for two memberships right now (and even babies need a membership over here).

After contemplating a while what I could do, I started thinking what else I used to do when I was younger. Juggling balls came into mind. Doesn’t sound like a very strenuous exercise? Yeah, it doesn’t, but after juggling 3 or more balls for over half an hour or so, your arms definitely start getting majorly heavy. I do happen to still own some juggling balls and my little one thinks it’s hilarious when I play with them, so I’m definitely starting this activity again. Of course, lots of times it will end up to be just throwing balls with my sweetheart (or at my hubby 😉 ), but that’s just fine.

Then I thought that I used to do stretches a lot while in junior high. I haven’t done stretches for a while (yes, I know, I should have done them while I was riding my bike a lot) and I can definitely do them while W is awake. All I risk is him laughing at me, but we laught at each other all the time anyhow. So that’s my second little activity I’m going to start doing frequently.

I’m also starting a few tummy exercises again which I can easily do next to W. My tummy muscles have always been extremely week, so I’m not expecting to change that fact anytime soon, but doing a bit a few times a week is definitely better and healthier than not at all.

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