OpenGL with MFC ‘Hello world’ tutorial

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For my first ‘Hello World’ program, I decided to use OpenGL with MFC since I’ve created OpenGL apps with just glew and freeglut before and there are lots of tutorials on the net for just that. I just wanted to know how to integrate OpenGL in an SDI MFC app and it turned out to be quite easy.

I’ve written a few starter OpenGL programs in the past but never really continued studying it for very long. This time, my goal is to actually finish the 3D Computer Graphics Using OpenGL YouTube series by Jamie King.

Jamie’s videos are awesome since he is really good in explaining things. The nice thing about YouTube tutorials comparing to real-life lessons is that you can fast forward when a subject is already known or repeat a section when you didn’t pay attention or just didn’t quite get it.

I’m also using other sources for studying OpenGL. I’m going to use the book ‘OpenGL Programming Guide’ by Dave Shreiner and Graham Sellers as a reference book. Furthermore, I’m going to read through Introduction to Computer Graphics material. Last but not least, I just recently found the ‘OpenGL & Vulkan’ podcast by Kai Niklas. That podcast is perfect to listen to while I play with my son.

Why am I interested in OpenGL? During university and years after, I haven’t really paid much attention to computer graphic design. I mean there was a reason I specialized in embedded systems. After years of microcontroller programming, I started getting a bit bored with it. I still enjoy it, but I just started missing the beauty of object oriented programming languages.

Then I started programming in GDI+ which I actually began to enjoy a lot. Now, I feel like I really want to get deeper into the guts of 2D and 3D graphics, which means OpenGL.

In this series, I’d like to document my OpenGL programming progress and also link to my created programs in github.

I’ve used following sites to guide me create my first MFC OpenGL program:

  • For GLEW and freeglut installation, I followed the ‘Installing freeglut’ and ‘Install GLEW’ guides in ‘Introduction to Computer Graphics’ installation guide.
  • Instead of using the OpenGL helper classes/functions freely accessible from the course site above, I decided to use the GLRenderer class from
  • Now, all I needed to do was call several GLRenderer functions from my SDI view class. I created message handlers for
    • WM_SIZE

    and also overloaded OnInitialUpdate().

The code for this first program can be found in github.

For this first program, I wasn’t really concerned about the drawing functionality. My goal was to just have a basic OpenGL with MFC skeleton for future programs.

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