My first blog post (kinda)

Two years ago, I planned to start a blog, but since I was aware of my everything but perfect English I test wrote a bunch of blogs offline just for my hubby to read.

Yeah, that didn’t go too well. He criticized about 95% of my writing which (ah duh) demotivated me from actually publishing any of them online. Especially since he didn’t even come up with improvements for half of what he criticised (not that I blame him, he is no editor).

So this time, I don’t worry about my mistakes and just publish the posts. After all, I can only improve by practicing or? Of course, I could hire an editor, but I don’t really feel like that makes sense here. First of all, how many people are actually ending up reading my first posts and second (and more important), I have no intention on ever making income with this blog (even if I had enough subscribers one day), so why should I spent income for it?

I already have a small list of what I’m going to write about. For example, I want to write about my experiences with Codejock’s Toolkit Pro, Trello, and TeamViewer. I love emacs and use it daily, so I think it makes sense to write about it and why I use it in the first place.

Furthermore, I currently feel like I’m stuck with my SQL knowledge. I’m working with MySQL and MSSQL for quite a while now and I always found solutions to my problems (mostly via StackExchange – don’t we developers love it?), but my latest project is quite complex (and also the database) and my program seems fairly slow due to the amount of database requests. I feel like I should be able to put more logic into stored procedures and less in my application code. Therefore, I have started reading ‘SQL Cookbook’ and I’m planning to post what I’m learning.

Last but not least, I’m going to post about important experiences/events in my life.

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